Provillus A best hair regrowth product


Nowadays, it seems impossible to find people who have not experienced 3the issue of hair loss. It’s very common among males and females that they are losing hair in such a young age.

According to a survey, 95% men loose hair in their life time, but 40% of them will have a very prominent hair loss when they reach the age of 35 years. No doubt, internet is the best place to find out the solution for everything, and you may find loads of hair regrowth products on internet. But it’s difficult to find the best option for your problem, so, this review about Provillus will help you choose the right product.

For the purpose of hair loss problems, a popular product named as ‘Provillus’ has been manufactured which contains minoxidil. This main ingredient is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).It not only helps to slow down or completely stops the process of hair loss but also plays role in regrowth of lost hair. Overall, this product is suitable for men as well as women. Remember, as it is said earlier that there are plenty of products available for hair regrowth, but if these products do not contain minoxidil, then do not go for them.

Ingredients of Provillus:

Besides the main ingredient ‘minoxidil’, other ingredients include:

  • Alcohol
  • Herbs
  • Purified water
  • Propylene glycol
  • Minerals
  • Natural vitamins

How does Provillus work:

Minoxidil makes Provillus an effective product for the regrowth of lost hair. It can be massaged in your scalp twice a day, so that 5% of minoxidil solution can be absorbed in hair follicles in order to reverse the hair loss process.

This is the best product for those men who are suffering from baldness or those having thin hair because it boosts the flow of oxygen in hair follicles which helps the new hairs to grow. If hair loss is due to cancer treatment or due to the use of certain medications, then Provillus will not be appropriate for you. In case of any skin conditions, talk to your doctor before using this topical solution. 


Minoxidil is a strong substance, so this product should only be used as directed. You need to be careful in its use and do not overuse this product. There are separate versions of this product for men and women. Wash your hands properly after using this product. It should not be used in case you have sunburn condition, damaged scalp or irritation. You should also avoid using it on other parts of body.

Price of Provillus:

  • Cost of Provillus for one month supply is only $40
  • Two months’ supply is available at $70
  • Four months’ supply will cost you $120 (3+1 free package)
  • Six months’ supply can be purchased at $161 (4+2 free packages).


Overall finding about this product is positive as it promotes hair regrowth in addition to slowing or stopping the hair loss process. Unlike other products, it is manufactured for both genders differently as men and women need separate treatments. Lastly, it is available in very reasonable prices.

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